Rich Lux
1. Decorative & Industrial Finish

(a) Synthetic Resin Base - High gloss and durable finish reccomands for interior as well as exterior wood and metal surface.

(b) High Protective Coatings - These finishes are on the basis of EPOXY RESIN and POLYURATHENE RESIN. Recommands for special purpose anti corrosive paints.

2. Architectural Coatings

(a) 100% Acrylic Emulsion Paints - Specially formulated by using world class row materials for interior surfaces to look lustraous finish.

(b) Elastomeric Exterior Paints - A high performance, long lasting Exterior Paints to withstands fluctuations in tropical climatic conditions. It consists benefits of "Crack-Bridging" and "Rain-Guard" with excellent "Anti-Algae" and "Anti-Fungle" property.


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